London, England - The story goes that Beethoven had a pal who presented his wife with what was purportedly a lock of Ludwig’s hair. 

Berlin, Germany - It took international teamwork to build this high-rise sand castle on a beach in Northern Germany. 

Washington, DC - Dear Rusty: My wife is subject to the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and I’m trying to calculate what her monthly Social Security payment might be. The circular provided by SS says that her earnings will be calculated by multiplying the first $895 of her average monthly earnings by 90%. According to the circular, since she doesn’t have 30 or more years of substantial earnings the 90% will be reduced to 40%. My question is this: How many months do they use to divide into the total earnings to determine the average monthly earnings? If I use the number of total working years, her monthly average is very low and getting lower the longer she works. For example, she has been working since 1973 (46 years/552 months). However, she only paid SS taxes in 20 of those years (240 months). She turned 62 last November, so if she waits to draw SS until her full retirement age she will add another 56 months to the average calculation and reduce her benefit accordingly.

New York - Ask any cop and he or she will tell you that drug tests don’t lie. But, there’s a new mom in upstate New York who will attest to the fact that the results of such tests can get it wrong, says the Association of Mature American Citizens.  

Washington, DC -  On Monday, May 27, the nation will celebrate Memorial Day. “And, while it marks the unofficial start of summer and the promise of much summertime sun and fun, it is also an opportunity for a moment of reflection on what Memorial Day is all about,” says Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

Imperial, California - Romanian witches are using the Internet to cast spells thanks to a younger generation of sorceresses. Millennial enchantress Cassandra Buzea says why not bring the ancient art of witchcraft into the 21st century via the worldwide web. She told Reuters: “A truly powerful witch can solve problems from a distance.” Her mom was quick to join her daughter in offering their services to clients throughout the world, according to the Association of Mature American Citizens. And now, it is estimated that some 4,000 witches throughout the country are in the business of casting electronic spells.