Washington, DC - Dear Rusty: I will be 65 in March. Husband will be 61 in August. If I started collecting Social Security now would I only be able to collect on myself? My husband plans on collecting at 62. Will I be able to collect some of his when he starts collecting at age 62? Also, who can advise me about Medicare? Do I have to apply now? Signed: Needing Advice 

San Diego, California - The San Diego Zoo is hosting its annual spring event – Yaycation presented by National University –Saturday, April 6 through Sunday, April 21, 2019. In addition to all the Zoo offers daily, guests may enjoy fun Yaycation activities such as special animal experiences, entertainment, and more.

Washington, DC - The folks at Universal Studios in Japan have done it again. According to the Association of Mature American Citizens the theme park set a new record for the most lights on their Christmas Tree - 580,806, to be precise. The remarkable thing, says AMAC, the theme park has been setting new Guinness Christmas light records each year for the past seven years. This year’s record topped their 2017 record by more than 10,000 additional lights.

Marion, North Carolina - The first annual Bigfoot Festival in the town of Marion, turned out to be a big deal recently. The event attracted more than 15,000 visitors from across the country who packed the streets of the town, which is home to little more than 7,800 residents, says the Association of Mature American Citizens.

Washington, DC - If you’re cooking for friends and family this holiday season, it’s important to make sure you’re not spreading bacteria that can cause harmful foodborne illnesses.

Las Vegas, Nevada - Just in time for the holidays, a British spirits distributor is offering an advent calendar for adults. Instead of chocolate treats the calendar offers up daily doses of “very old and rare” whiskies from around the world. The calendar features 24 individual drams of whiskies including one that would set you back $24,656.78 if you purchased a bottle of the stuff, says the Association of Mature American Citizens.