Sacramento, California - July 4 is right around the corner and for the estimated 80 percent of households that own grills or smokers, that means one thing - barbeques.  Grill masters can make sure they don’t leave their diners with a nasty case of food poisoning by following USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service food safety tips.

Santa Monica, California - Ray Rhinehart’s mother passed away recently leaving him a doll collection, which he donated to a Santa Monica, thrift shop that employs some very honest clerks. 

Washington, DC - All the indicators suggest that we are in for a long, hot summer and that’s not good news for seniors.

Imperial, California - Scandinavians apparently will go to extremes in order to make sure employees have the best fringe benefits. 

Sacramento, California - If you think frozen vegetables are only good as a makeshift ice pack, think again.

Washington, DC - It's time to once again celebrate Father's day in America.