Escondido, California - A 5-year-old female southern white rhino at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park’s Nikita Kahn Rhino Rescue Center is undergoing veterinary care for a non-healing wound on the rhino’s left side.

Washington, DC - The Naval History and Heritage Command (NHHC) hosted a lecture on "Social Change in the Modern U.S. Navy," at the National Museum of the United States Navy Aug. 17 as part of the "Needs and Opportunities in the Modern History of the United States Navy" lecture series.

West Lafayette, Indiana - A new concept could bring highly efficient solar power by combining three types of technologies that convert different parts of the light spectrum and also store energy for use after sundown.

Washington, DC - In April, the White House launched the Fair Chance Business Pledge encouraging companies from across the American economy to take action to ensure that all Americans have the opportunity to succeed, including individuals who have had contact with the criminal justice system. The pledge represents a call-to-action for all members of the private sector to improve their communities by eliminating barriers for those with a criminal record and creating a pathway for a second chance.

Washington, DC - Annual reports analyzing the wind energy industry released today by the Energy Department show continued rapid growth in wind power installations in 2015, demonstrating market resilience and underscoring the vitality of the U.S. wind energy market on a global scale. Wind power provides clean energy to homes and businesses, reduces climate-changing carbon pollution, and boosts America’s economic competitiveness. The U.S. wind power market remained strong in 2015 thanks to continued low prices, more-efficient wind turbines, and fast-growing demand nationwide.

Washington, DC - The creation of a new material has long been either an accident or a matter of trial and error. Steel, for instance, was developed over hundreds of years by people who didn’t know why what they were doing worked (or didn’t work). Generations of blacksmiths observed that iron forged in charcoal was stronger than iron that wasn’t, and iron that was forged in a very high-temperature, charcoal-fired furnace and rapidly cooled was even stronger, and so on.