Washington, DC - If you’ve ever used a device that picks up signals over the air, you know that sometimes you just can’t get the signal to come in clearly. You point the device every which way, move it all around the room, do a little dance, but nothing seems to work. There doesn’t seem to be any explanation. Maybe it’s sunspots, who knows? While that’s an annoyance for us, sometimes people’s lives depend on that signal getting through. People like firefighters. One of my group’s more recent projects has been to help make sure that their signals get through, wherever they are.

Washington, DC - The United States and Cuba held the inaugural Economic Dialogue in Washington, D.C., today. Assistant Secretary for Economic and Business Affairs Charles Rivkin led the opening of the dialogue. U.S. Department of State Deputy Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs John Creamer, Special Representative for Commercial and Business Affairs Ziad Haider, and U.S. Department of Commerce Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Industry and Security Matthew Borman co-chaired the U.S. delegation. Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment Vice Minister of Commercial Policy Ileana Nunez Mordoche led the Cuban delegation.

San Diego, California - Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy in Samburu County of northern Kenya has opened the first community owned and managed elephant orphanage in Africa. The Reteti Elephant Sanctuary is situated in the remote Mathews Range, among Kenya’s second largest elephant population. It will take in orphaned and abandoned elephant calves, with an aim to release them back into the wild herds adjoining the sanctuary. This is the result of a widely recognized and expanding grassroots movement of community-driven conservation across northern Kenya—a movement that is growing new economies, transforming lives and conserving natural resources.

Washington, DC - Today the White House is bringing together leadership teams from six states and more than 20 school districts to commit to redesigning their high schools – efforts estimated to reach more than 600,000 students. This second annual White House Summit on Next Generation High Schools builds on progress made during the first summit held in November 2015, which generated $375 million in private and public sector commitments to rethink the high school experience.

Washington, DC - Secretary of State John Kerry: "We mark today fifteen years since the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and United Airlines Flight 93. Four years have passed since the death in Libya of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith, and Tyrone Woods -- dedicated professionals who sought only to serve our country and to help friends in a strife-torn land to live in security and peace.

Washington, DC - During National Preparedness Month in September, the American Red Cross is celebrating the significant impact of its signature disaster preparedness program for youth –The Pillowcase Project – which has reached more than 500,000 students nationwide, resulting in six lives saved.