Washington, DC - Friday, the Department of Justice announced that Team Telecom entered into National Security Agreements with Google LLC and its subsidiary GU Holdings Inc., and Meta Platforms Inc. (formerly known as Facebook Inc.) and its subsidiary Edge Cable Holdings USA LLC to protect data on the Pacific Light Cable Network (PLCN) system, an undersea fiber optic cable system that will connect the United States, Taiwan and the Philippines. 

Indianapolis, Indiana - Four Indianapolis-area small business lending executives, all of whom worked for Banc-Serv Partners LLC (Banc-Serv) - a defunct lending service provider - were sentenced this month in the Southern District of Indiana for a 13-year conspiracy to defraud the Small Business Administration (SBA) in connection with its programs to guarantee loans made to small businesses. 

Bridgeport, Connecticut - A federal grand jury in Bridgeport, returned an indictment Wednesday charging a former manager of a major aerospace engineering company and five executives of outsource engineering suppliers (Suppliers) for participating in a long-running conspiracy to restrict the hiring and recruiting of employees among their respective companies. The conspiracy affected thousands of engineers and other skilled workers in the aerospace industry who perform services in the design, manufacturing and servicing of aircraft components for both commercial and military purposes.

Los Angeles, California - Over the past 10 months, the Department of Justice has filed criminal charges against 10 defendants for kickback schemes at substance abuse treatment facilities in Orange County, California.

Los Angeles, California - Online background report company MyLife.com Inc. (MyLife) and its founder and chief executive officer, Jeffrey Tinsley, have agreed to pay $21 million in consumer redress and to injunctive relief that would require them to comply with the Federal Trade Commission Act (FTC Act), the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR), the Restore Online Shoppers Confidence Act (ROSCA) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) in all current and future business activities. The agreement follows an order issued by a federal district court in the Central District of California on Oct. 19, awarding partial summary judgment to the government. That order found that MyLife violated the FTC Act, the TSR and ROSCA; that MyLife was liable for $33.9 million in consumer redress; and that injunctive relief would be appropriate to prevent further violations of these laws.

Memphis, Tennessee - A Tennessee nurse practitioner was arrested Thursday for allegedly distributing prescription drugs unlawfully from the medical clinic she owned and operated.