Ann Arbor, Michigan - Most people would get a little 'rush' out of the idea that they're about to win some money. In fact, if you could look into their brain at that very moment, you'd see lots of activity in the part of the brain that responds to rewards.

Dallas, Texas - The American Heart Association (AHA) today announces a new collaboration with Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), a leading cloud computing infrastructure, to enable and advance discoveries in cardiovascular science and medicine using cloud technology. The collaboration with AWS marks a major new initiative for the AHA’s Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine.

Washington, DC - Congresswoman Corrine Brown (Democrat) and her chief of staff were indicted Friday for their roles in a conspiracy and fraud scheme involving a fraudulent education charity.

Washington, DC - Forty-one individuals linked to transnational criminal organizations (TCOs) responsible for smuggling hundreds of individuals through South and Central America into the United States were arrested by foreign partners last week in two separate multinational operations under U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) ongoing efforts in the region as part of Operation Citadel.

Austin, Texas - Governor Greg Abbott Friday delivered the keynote address at the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Annual Policy Orientation where he unveiled his Texas Plan to restore the Rule of Law and return the Constitution to its intended purpose. In his plan, Governor Abbott offers nine constitutional amendments to rein in the federal government and restore the balance of power between the States and the United States. The Governor proposes achieving the constitutional amendments through a Convention Of States.

Washington, DC - The Department of State remains deeply concerned about the continued detention in China of at least 23 defense lawyers and rights defenders and denial of access to independent legal counsel. These actions violate China’s international commitments.