Sacramento, California - Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today issued an emergency proclamation for San Diego County due to the effects of the West Fire, which has destroyed homes, threatened critical infrastructure and caused the evacuation of residents.

Washington, DC - Having gone nearly a month and a half since the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation went into effect, it’s now become clear how tech giants like Facebook and Google are handling the new guidelines. Currently, lawsuits by Austrian privacy advocate Max Schrems and a report by the Norwegian Consumer Agency are spelling out the ways the two tech giants are manipulating their users to get around the rule.

Washington, DC - Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a draft guidance to provide recommendations for consideration when drafting the Indications and Usage section of human drug and biological product labeling. The FDA regulations require the Indications and Usage section of drug labeling to state that the drug is indicated for the treatment, prevention, mitigation, cure or diagnosis of a disease or condition, or for the relief of the disease or condition’s symptoms.

Sacramento, California - Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today announced the following appointments:

Washington, DC - A cure for Alzheimer’s disease does not exist and treatments are hit and miss. However, researchers are working overtime to find new ways to deal with the menace of dementia, according to senior advocate Dan Weber.

Washington, DC - The United States expresses its heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of Theeb al-Yami and Jaser al-Rakah after their tragic deaths in Massachusetts. The young men drowned while courageously attempting to save children in distress.