Imperial, California - For all you cat lovers: cat commercial icon, Grumpy Cat, was not just grumpy, she was downright livid about an advertiser’s unauthorized use of her image. And so she, and her owners, sued and won her case, says the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC]. She received a $700,000 judgment in a U.S. District Court in California against a company that used the famous feisty feline’s image in ads without permission. 

Scottsdale, Arizona - Olive oil used in place of other fats can lower your risk of heart disease by reducing your blood cholesterol level.

Rochester, Minnesota - Possibly. Exercise has many known benefits, including reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, strengthening the bones and muscles, and reducing stress.

Los Angeles, California - As a City Councilman, Mayor, and Congressman, I have always promoted urban or community gardening. Not only is it beneficial for the health and cost-conscious, it promotes community engagement and awareness.  It transforms otherwise empty and oddly shaped lots into community assets.  And it's easy:  even concrete slabs can be covered with easily available and instant soil and grass overlays.

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida - The Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC] reports that hard-driving Tiger Woods managed to get a “birdie” on the eighth hole at Florida’s PGA National Golf Club's Champion Course in Palm Beach Gardens during the recent Honda Classic recently. 

Scottsdale, Arizona - If you're celebrating with a special valentine this week, you might want to try this chocolate cake recipe. Cocoa powder, hot coffee and fat-free yogurt are just some of the ingredients.