Berkeley, California - Growing up in the U.S. isn’t what it used to be. The idea of childhood - what it means to be a kid - has been reinvented time and time again.

Cambridge, Massachusetts - Talk for a while with MIT senior Raichelle Aniceto about satellites, and you might find you’ve caught the aerospace bug. An aeronautics and astronautics major from Salt Lake City, Aniceto has a contagious enthusiasm for the space gadgets she’s spent the last four years helping to develop.

Rochester, Minnesota - On Sept. 28, 2014, Tracy Liedl received a call every parent fears. Her only child, 22-year-old Darryn, was found unresponsive and was on life support at Mayo Clinic Hospital, Saint Marys Campus. Three days later, he was declared brain dead. But a part of him lives on, through a gift he decided to make when he was just 16 years old.

Ann Arbor, Michigan - When reading emails, do you become the "grammar police?"

Los Angeles, California - The Fowler Museum at UCLA will present the first major exhibition in the United States to examine the visual arts of Austronesian-speaking peoples comparatively in a single project — from their prehistoric origins in what is now Taiwan through their successive seafaring migrations over millennia to the Philippines, Indonesia, the Pacific and beyond.

Scottsdale, Arizona - There’s something lurking at the bottom of your makeup bag, and it’s not pretty. According to Mary Duh, physician assistant, Dermatology, Mayo Clinic Health System, old and expired cosmetics harbor dangerous amounts of bacteria. This not only directly affects the individual wearing the makeup, but it also can affect anyone they come in contact with.