Washington, DC - The hug-a-cop girl is still at it.  The Association of Mature American Citizens says seven-year-old Rosalyn Baldwin of Hammond, LA is continuing her coast-to-coast mission to show police officers in all the 50 states that she cares.  She was spotted recently in New Jersey where Jersey City police got in line to accept Rosalyn's heartfelt thanks for the job they do.

Washington, DC - Margaret Mussel of New Jersey lost her diamond engagement ring while on a trip to Italy nine years ago.  Mary Grams lost hers 13 years ago on a farm near Edmonton, Canada.  All's well that ends well, says the Association of Mature American Citizen.

Washington, DC - I hear you already. All old people aren't cranky. I have a friend who is 96 years old and is the delight of all who know her. She is independent. She works in her garden every summer. She drives herself to church and the grocery store. She exercises a couple of time s a day. She lives in a very small humble house but it's her place and she takes care of her home.

Washington, DC - A warning to all those extraterrestrials out there who might have a bit of alien mischief on their minds: don't even try.  The Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC] suggests that all illegal aliens - those from other planets and galaxies - pick some other world to invade.  ETs with evil intentions are reminded that NASA's Planetary Protection Office is at the ready to deal with a war of the worlds, if it comes to that.

Washington, DC - Reports of physical and financial abuse of the elderly are on the rise throughout the country.  It's a crime that, experts say, is largely underreported.  But, a new light needs to be shed on this dirty little secret, says Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC].

Imperial, California - Life gives people plenty of reasons to be stressed.