Hoboken, New Jersey - You may assume the answer to the above question is an emphatic yes. After all, you earn your own income. You pay your own bills from your own bank account. You call the shots in your own life. But if you believe you're truly independent, there's a good chance you're wrong, says Greg Miller. That's because independence true independence isn't what you think it is.

Imperial, California - The slurping sounds you make when you're sucking down a bowl of ramen noodles can be quite disconcerting.  But, now there's a way to avoid embarrassment when visiting your favorite Japanese eatery. 

Rochester, Minnesota - If you don't think you like vegetables, it's time to try roasting. Your oven can caramelize and sweeten a whole cornucopia of produce - including Brussels sprouts, broccoli, asparagus, tomatoes and even cabbage.

Washington, DC - Everybody needs a good day every now and then!

Think of something or someone for which you are grateful. Maybe this is easy? Hopefully you have one or maybe dozens of people that are meaningful to you. We all have someone that aggravates us or maybe worse. We're not going to emphasize that group in this column. They get enough glory. Today just think about those people you enjoy seeing or hearing from.

Scottsdale, Arizona - Do you make time for healthy cooking when you're cooking for yourself? If not, you're selling yourself short. Find inspiration in these tips.

Washington, DC - Delayed Retirement Credits - Social Security Matters: