Berkeley, California - After nearly three decades of reluctance to rule on prison overcrowding and its consequences - by hearing civil rights cases brought by prisoners, or ruling in their favor - a sea change may be in the offing in the federal courts, legal scholar Jonathan Simon believes.

Cambridge, Massachusetts - While working in a famously esoteric field, MIT philosopher Robert Stalnaker has focused his career on thinking about real-world concerns - including the fundamental nature of speech, thought, and decision-making. In so doing, he has catalyzed and provided the underpinnings for new research in many other areas, such as game theory, linguistics, decision theory, and economics. 

Cambridge, Massachusetts - When she was just two, doctors advised Temple Grandin’s mother that her child would probably need to be institutionalized for life due to her autism. But her mother would have none of that, and instead focused on teaching her daughter basic social and life skills, even though she didn’t begin to speak until age four.

Cambridge, Massachusetts - Several years ago, as an incoming freshman, current MIT senior Sterling Harper had no inkling that he’d find his passion in writing nuclear engineering software. But after signing up on a whim for a pre-orientation program with the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering (NSE), Harper was hooked, and is now set to graduate from a five-year program with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the field next year.

Cambridge, Massachusetts - There are only five bodies in our solar system that are known to bear rings. The most obvious is the planet Saturn; to a lesser extent, rings of gas and dust also encircle Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune. The fifth member of this haloed group is Chariklo, one of a class of minor planets called centaurs: small, rocky bodies that possess qualities of both asteroids and comets.

Imperial, California - In the swing of March Madness, brackets are being filled, bets are being placed and people are blowing up their personal social media pages with the results of their bracket-placement decisions - good or bad. But in the midst of all the pleasure and entertainment, NCAA brackets can be dangerous for some.