Seattle, Washington - Hicham Diab, of Tripoli, Lebanon, and Nafez El Mir, a Canadian citizen residing in Lebanon, were arrested Thursday after they traveled to a Seattle warehouse and began hiding firearms in a vehicle they planned to ship to Lebanon.  Diab and El Mir appeared in federal court Friday afternoon, charged with conspiracy to violate the Arms Export Control Act.

Washington, DC - Two employees of SK Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. (SK), a large multinational corporation based in the Republic of Korea (South Korea), were charged Thursday with participating in a scheme to defraud the United States by submitting fraudulent subcontracts to conceal bribes and kickbacks paid to an American public official, in relation to U.S. Army construction contracts in South Korea. 

Miami, Florida - A former West Palm Beach, Florida resident pleaded guilty today to multiple criminal charges in connection with a sophisticated global cell phone fraud scheme that involved compromising cellphone customers’ accounts and “cloning” their phones to make fraudulent international calls.

Washington, DC - For 100 years, since the conclusion of World War I, Veterans Day has offered Americans a moment to join together and recognize those who bravely pass the torch of freedom from one generation to the next. Our veterans represent the very best of America.

Washington, DC - Because of their antimicrobial and antifungal properties, silver nanoparticles measuring between one and 100 nanometers (billionth of a meter) in size, are being incorporated outside the United States into a variety of kitchen products known as food contact materials (FCMs). Among the nanosilver-infused FCMs now on the market overseas are spatulas, baby mugs, storage containers and cutting boards. However, the use of these items raises concerns that the nanoparticles in them will migrate into foods and the environment, and in turn, whether this poses risks to human health.

Mexico City, Mexico -  Antitrust agency heads from the United States, Canada, and Mexico meet in Mexico City to discuss their ongoing work to ensure consistent and effective antitrust enforcement and increased cooperation among the three nations.