El Centro, California - A scam is trying to take advantage of residents of Imperial County. A subject pretending to be from the Imperial County Superior Court or the Sheriff’s Office has called local residents explaining to them that they have a warrant for their arrest. Callers are being told they did not show up for required jury duty and they have to pay a fine to clear up a warrant that has been issued.

They are then asked for personal information such as date of birth or Social Security Number to take care of the warrant. Some callers have been asked for credit card numbers or Paypal transactions to clear the warrant.

These calls are fraudulent and have no connection to the Imperial County Sheriff’s Office or the Imperial County Superior Court. Anyone who receives a phone call from someone demanding payment for an outstanding warrant should report the situation immediately as a crime.

The Sheriff’s Office and the Imperial County Superior Court will never call you and ask for personal information. Never give personal information such as your address, phone numbers, e-mail address, driver’s license number, Social Security Number (SSN), birth date, birth place, school’s name, or student ID number to callers.

For more identity theft resources and safety tips, check out the Identity Theft Resource Center at http://www.idtheftcenter.org/