Washington, DC - In the U.S., we enjoy one of the safest food supplies in the world. The FDA takes its responsibility to protect the U.S. food supply very seriously. And while we work diligently to prevent accidental contaminations, it’s also our duty to take measures to protect our food from those who seek to deliberately do us harm.

Des Moines, Iowa - While hunger transcends borders, severe food insecurity disproportionately impacts the 65.6 million forcibly displaced people worldwide, including refugees and internally displaced people. For the largest refugee crises - including Syria, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Venezuela, and Myanmar - food is a matter of life in many refugee communities. However, the U.N. Refugee Agency and World Food Program stress that food aid rations are dramatically shrinking, in some cases by up to 50 percent. Cuts in food aid have extreme effects on refugee communities, as they try to cope by skipping meals, staying home from work, or selling family assets to avoid hunger and malnutrition.

Washington, DC - Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's Remarks on America's Economic Revival:

Washington, DC - The operators of a scheme that sold “secrets for making money on Amazon” are banned from marketing and selling business opportunities and business coaching services under a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission, and they will surrender millions of dollars for return to consumers.

Washington, DC - We condemn the Iranian government’s execution of Mohammad Salas, a member of the long-persecuted Iranian Gonabadi Sufi Dervish community. According to reports, Mr. Salas was hanged this morning at Rajai Shahr Prison, the notorious jail recently designated by the Department of Treasury in connection with serious human rights abuses against persons in Iran.

Sacramento, California - As the weather warms up and mosquitoes become more prevalent, California horse owners are advised to consult their veterinarian to ensure their horse’s vaccination status is current for maximum protection against West Nile Virus.