Washington, DC - U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced the launch of the CBP Applicant Portal on April 5, to provide an interactive and centralized resource for applicants to receive tailored information on their application status. The portal also provides more visibility into the hiring process.  Applicants may use the portal to view the real-time status of their application, review a large repository of Frequently Asked Questions, and contact the CBP Hiring Center with specific inquiries.

“CBP is focused on delivering a seamless applicant experience that prioritizes the unique needs of each individual applicant as they navigate the CBP hiring and onboarding process to achieve their career goal,” said Assistant Commissioner Human Resources Andrea Bright. “This new portal furthers CBP’s efforts to optimize the hiring process and deliver timely support to the CBP workforce, enabling us to meet our mission requirements.”

Starting April 5, the CBP Applicant Portal is available to all applicants that have applied for frontline positions: CBP Officer, Border Patrol Agent, Air Interdiction Agent, Aviation Enforcement Agent, Marine Interdiction Agent, and Agricultural Specialist. Future versions of the portal will enable applicants to self-schedule interviews, fitness tests, and other requirements to help speed up the application process.

In recent years, CBP’s Office of Human Resources Management has shifted toward a data driven, applicant-centric hiring process to create a premier applicant experience that keeps the applicants inspired, connected, and committed to achieving their goal of joining CBP. Through the application of innovative technology, advanced data analytics, and business process improvements, CBP will amplify its engagement and responsiveness to all applicants and continue to refine and optimize the hiring process.

The CBP Applicant Portal is the latest initiative designed to further improve the applicant’s experience with CBP and provide more transparency into the hiring process.  With the launch of the CBP Applicant Portal, the CBP Jobs App will be retired on May 31, 2021 and will not be accessible after that date.

For additional information about careers at CBP, visit www.cbp.gov/careers.