Washington, DC - Today in Morocco, Libyan political leaders came together after a year of UN-facilitated political dialogue to sign the Libyan Political Agreement that will establish a unified Libyan Government of National Accord. We salute these courageous Libyans who stand ready to rebuild a united Libya and who are determined to move the country forward.

All Libyans have a role to play as the political transition continues. I urge all Libyans to support this final agreement and to unite behind the Government of National Accord.

Libya needs this unified government to address its critical humanitarian, economic, and security challenges. As we made clear at the December 13 meeting in Rome that I co-chaired with Italian Foreign Minister Gentiloni, the United States and the international community are ready to support the implementation of the Political Agreement and to provide full backing for the unified government, as well as technical, economic, security, and counterterrorism assistance.