Moscow, Russia - Remarks With Russian President Vladimir Putin and Secretary of State John Kerry:

PRESIDENT PUTIN: (Via interpreter) Your Excellency, Mr. Secretary of State, dear colleagues, I would like to cordially welcome you to Moscow. Your Excellency, Secretary of State, we see what efforts you have undertaken in order to settle a number of very urgent problems. And it’s very – even difficult to track all your movements around the globe. I believe you have some time to sleep and to rest. Well, you know that together, we are looking for ways out of the most urgent crises.

I know that after our meeting in Paris, the American side prepared its proposals with regard to the settlement of a number of crises, including the Syrian one. Today had substantial negotiations in the Russian foreign ministry. Foreign Minister Lavrov just right now have informed me in detail regarding your proposals and some of the outstanding issues which are to be considered further. I am glad to have the possibility to meet with you and to discuss the whole range of issues. Thank you.

SECRETARY KERRY: Well, Mr. President, thank you very much for welcoming me, and thank you for putting your team with Foreign Minister Lavrov leading it at the disposal of our efforts. It’s been a good cooperative effort and we’re very appreciative for what we’ve achieved so far.

You had a chance to speak with President Obama in New York and then subsequently in Paris, and both you and President Obama have committed yourselves to trying to develop as much as possible, through Foreign Minister Lavrov and me, an approach that can try to deal with both Ukraine and deal with Syria.

With regard to Syria, Vienna 1 and Vienna 2 were a strong beginning, opening up possibilities, and I think there is no question Foreign Minister Lavrov and I have agreed that together, the United States and Russia have an ability to be able to make a significant difference here. So I very much look forward to our discussions now and appreciate the seriousness of your commitment of time and thought about these issues.