Washington, DC - Secretary of State John Kerry: " On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I offer hearty congratulations to the people of the Slovak Republic as you celebrate your Constitution’s 23rd anniversary.

"Our two nations are tied together by common history, values, and ideals, particularly our unwavering support for democracy, the rule of law, and economic opportunity.

"Slovaks who immigrated to the United States have helped build the American economy and strengthened the ties between our peoples. During the final months of World War II, the United States was proud to provide support to the Slovak National Uprising by delivering supplies and advisors, while elsewhere Slovaks fought with U.S. forces on the Western Front and in the Pacific.

"As we now work together to address the challenges of this century, the United States remains committed to partnering with Slovakia to create prosperity and stability on both sides of the Atlantic. My government thanks Slovakia for its support as a friend and NATO ally in the fight against terrorism and in helping to meet the energy needs of a sovereign Ukraine.

"In years to come, the United States will continue to work with the authorities in Bratislava and with the Slovak people to bolster inclusive governance and the rule of law - the hallmarks of both our Constitutions - and to promote prosperity for Slovakia within a stable and peaceful Europe.

"Congratulations once again to all the citizens of the Slovak Republic on this special day."