Washington, DC - Today, President Salva Kiir and former Vice President Riek Machar again failed the people of South Sudan by refusing to make the compromises necessary for peace.  We strongly condemn the lack of political leadership to resolve this man-made conflict that has exacted a terrible cost over the past nearly 15 months. Along with the many friends and partners of South Sudan, we continue to work closely with the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) in its efforts to bring an end to this senseless conflict.

The conflict in South Sudan is a tragedy for its people.  A humanitarian catastrophe continues, with more than two million people displaced and what is considered at this time to be the world’s worst food security crisis. The entire region is facing economic, security, and humanitarian costs from this conflict. There is no excuse for further fighting, and we will ensure that those who commit acts of violence—or otherwise undermine efforts toward peace—are held accountable.  We thus look forward to the UN Security Council’s planned review of the situation, as called for by Resolution 2206, which the Security Council passed unanimously this week.

Today, the IGAD Chairman called on regional and international partners to work together to reinvigorate the peace process and agree to a common approach toward an end to the crisis. The United States and its Troika partners support vigorous efforts to end this conflict, and will work with IGAD, the African Union, and other international partners to urgently seek a way forward. We must speak with one voice, making clear our collective resolve to assist the South Sudanese people in ending this tragedy.