Atlanta, Georgia - Whether one is a seasoned golfer, or just a beginner, it is important to pay a lot of attention to the golf ball one uses. The game cannot be played properly with the wrong golf ball. Whether buying new golf balls or used golf balls, it is important to consider a few guidelines that will help in choosing the correct ball for one’s game. To the untrained eye, most balls look similar to each other but it is important to find out more about their features in order to achieve the right trajectory and distance.

Let’s take a look at some critical factors that will help in choosing the correct golf ball:

Find out how much it will cost you

Be clear about how much you are willing to or can afford to spend on golf balls. Since golf balls come in a variety of brands, models and prices, it is critical to understand one’s exact requirements. Beginners should avoid very expensive brands and models such as the Titleist Pro V1’s. Since beginners tend to lose a lot of golf balls, playing expensive golf balls can be a colossal waste of money. Before investing in expensive new golf balls, it is best to use recycled golf balls that are more affordable and perform just as well.

Understand the spin of the ball

Advanced golfers should pick a ball that has a softer cover, preferably made of urethane or balata because this gives the ball extra spin, allowing golfers to play better. Golf balls with softer covers stop and back up on the green. Similarly, if you want more spin, go for multi layer construction with a softer cover.

The condition of the ball is important

It is crucial to note that the golf ball you are playing should be in the best condition. Look for cuts on the ball, since the slightest change in its condition can negatively influence the flight and landing ability of the ball.

Trial and error will lead you to the perfect ball for your game

Instead of sticking with just one ball, try experimenting with a few different models. Play different rounds with different golf balls to get a better feel for the ball. The more time you spend playing a ball, the better understanding you will develop.

Know whether your ball is a performance ball or not

Made of multi layer construction and a softer cover material, a high performance ball is the most expensive type of golf ball in the market. The Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls are the golden standard for performance balls. These golf balls are best suited for advanced players, allowing for greater control and spin. Most amateurs do not need to play with high end performance balls.

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