New York, New York - Four-time World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Evander Holyfield is suiting up and getting back in the ring – this time to champion better sounding music downloads.

In a fun new promotional video for [HDtracks, the world’s largest high-resolution music download store, The Real Deal proves he’s still got what it takes, scoring a “knockout punch” for fans of great sounding music! Timed with the 30th Anniversary of Holyfield’s first professional boxing fight, this video supports a print ad campaign launching this month.

HDtracks co-founder Norman Chesky noted: “The first time you hear the incredible sound of a high-resolution music download, it’s a truly mind blowing music experience, and we really wanted to capture this unexpected moment in our new video promo in a fun and surprising way. We’re very fortunate that Evander shares our passion for better sounding music. We're thrilled to have the four-time heavyweight champ in our corner to help spread the gospel about HDTracks and high the resolution music experience.”

HDTracks is the gold standard for discerning listeners who will settle for nothing but the very best quality sound, whether for classic rock, jazz, or contemporary artists. The Company's steady, strong growth has also helped spur innovation among hardware manufacturers. Respected brands like Sony and Astell &Kerns are successfully introducing lower-priced portable DACS, innovative portable music players, and mobile phones that support high-resolution audio.