Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - With the goal of assisting NAVSUP WSS’s Aviation Department with aircraft readiness issues, Matt Shipley, deputy assistant secretary of Defense for Force Readiness, visited September 17 to openly discuss how the Defense Department can help with the supply end of aircraft readiness issues.

Shipley was accompanied by Marine Col. Christian Rankin, deputy director for OSD Force Readiness (Marine Corps); CAPT Stephen “Dallas” Bury, deputy director for OSD Force Readiness (Navy); and Mr. Michael Ryan, director, Maintenance Policy and Programs for the DASD Logistics and Materiel Readiness. Shipley’s delegation was provided a quick overview brief of NAVSUP WSS Philadelphia before diving into some of the more complex supply chain and repair of repairables issues regarding the current state of naval aircraft readiness in the fleet.

Shipley was later provided a run-down of the performance metrics, sources of inventory, examples of some of the most pressing aircraft parts needed and a discussion over an organic supply chain management option. Afterward, the delegation was provided a brief of the Logistics Cell (LOGCELL) – NAVSUP WSS’s war-room style interactive, timely and responsive web-based information technology platform that allows a cross functional team to identify and respond to challenges through real-time communication with the fleet.

NAVSUP WSS has continuously taken action on material readiness issues, with emphasis on the DoD’s aging aircraft fleet. This visit helped to bridge the interagency and industry partnerships on a road toward aircraft readiness recovery.

As the Navy’s Program Support Inventory Control Point, managing the supply chain from end to end, NAVSUP WSS provides Navy, Marine Corps, joint and allied forces with products and services that deliver combat capability through logistics. There are more than 2,000 civilian and military personnel employed at its two Pennsylvania sites, and one site in Norfolk, Virginia.