Chicago, Illinois - The Web site Medscape reports on a new way to age with your memory intact, says the Association of Mature American Citizens.  It is called the MIND diet, which stands for Mediterranean Diet Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay and it is the product of researchers at Chicago's Rush University Medical Center.

Here's how it works.  Older dieters need to limit unhealthy foods such as butter, sweets and pastries, says Medscape.  The researchers say that fatty cheeses, fried foods and, of course, junk food are on the no-no list.  You can have less than a tablespoon of butter per day and less than a serving per week of the other "bad" foods.

There's a good food list as well and it includes things such as whole grains and vegetables.  It also includes a glass of wine and nuts for snacking.  Beans are good for you and may be eaten "every other day or so."  You'll also need to eat fish once a week and focus on poultry as main courses at least twice a week.  The only fruits that are recommended are berries.

The MIND diet, say the researchers, may stave off the onset of memory loss.