Imperial, California - With all those restrictions that come with growing old, it's hard to believe that aging can be an experience that sets you free, says the Association of Mature American Citizens.  Some think the older folks among us are more poised and self-assured because they say what they think, dare to be grumpy when they feel like it and cranky when the situation calls for it.  Those traits can be a liberating experience.

But, no, according to new research.  Studies by the University of Buffalo and Northwestern University suggest that it's because we become more trusting, in a good way, as we age.  The researchers "found a positive association between trust and well-being," says UB associate psychology professor Michael Poulin.

Poulin says that when we get older we tend to be more selective about friendships.  In other words, we tend to hang around more with a select group of people in whom we have more confidence, with individuals we feel are trustworthy.  And, that can give us a feeling of comfort and happiness, as long as we remain wary enough to avoid the scammers who prey on seniors.