Brooklyn, New York - Pizza in a Cone? They say one shouldn’t try and reinvent the wheel. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. And why mess with a good thing? Well, the all new Pizza Cone defies all these well-worn adages by redefining pizza as we know it, replacing the renowned triangle with an all new, distinctive, delectable and extremely portable shape: a cone.

This unique concept has met with soaring popularity in Europe and particularly Italy. This cone shaped dough can be filled with cheese, sauce, salad, fried vegetables, meat, or dessert. It holds endless possibilities for mouth-watering combinations and concoctions. And for the first time, it is now available in the United States! These pizza dough cones are manufactured by PCI Frozen Foods, Inc. in a 30,000 square foot, state-of-the-art, HACCP approved, nut and soy free facility, located in the state of New Jersey.

The par-baked, crispy, vegan and delicious cones are created from the finest, highest quality, all-natural ingredients, made from authentic pizza dough without any preservatives, and possess a crunchy, appetizing texture. They are specially designed and formulated to prevent leakage and drips. Aside from representing a fun, new way to eat pizza, these cones enable the popular, revered meal to become an on-the-go snack, as all cheese and sauce is easily contained in its shape. The creation of the pizza dough is complicated and specific and PCI Frozen Foods utilizes exclusive and specialized baking equipment to maintain the cones’ crispness, taste, and shape.

Mendelsohn’s Pizza in Brooklyn, NY recently offered the pizza cones in its shop to test consumer reaction. In just one day, an entire case of 130 cones were sold! Owner Heshy Mendelsohn reported, “It was amazing, unlike anything I’ve ever seen,” and immediately placed an order for more. PCI Frozen Foods will be selling the cones and racks directly to food distributors. Pizzerias and food establishments can contact their food distributors to place an order. Pizza cones can be purchased with or without a rack for baking and easily displayed in any traditional ice cream or snow cone stand. The retail prices of the cones and stainless steel baking racks are extremely affordable and economical, making this new food creation a lucrative opportunity.

Pizza has been a customer favorite for decades. But whoever said one cannot improve on a good thing hasn’t tried the pizza cone. This innovative gastronomical creation takes the traditional slice to a whole new level of delectable enjoyment.