Clarksville, Tennessee - Amazon today debuts Uptrader, a new office suite that helps users make good business decisions. Uptrader features 3 tools: A consequence analysis tool and an intelligence analysis tool, which help professionals communicate how they're perceiving a situation, what they think they should do, and why. And a leadership tool that helps users decide how to most effectively direct team activities toward goal achievement.

"Uptrader is a reliable application dedicated to decision-making, helping experts and management students get a better understanding on the matter," said Mihaela Citea, Softpedia editor. "Thanks to its set of modules, you can solve multiple types of problems and make the best decisions for your company."

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, professionals can get the entire Uptrader decision-making suite at a limited-time discount price. Beginning January 2015, Amazon will also let eligible students and faculty members take advantage of special educational pricing on Uptrader.

Also starting today, customers can enter a sweepstakes to win a free copy of Uptrader. The sweepstakes commemorates the launch of the product in stores and will give free copies of the award-winning business software to 100 lucky winners. Also starting today, Uptrader is crowdfunding equity in its series A investment round.

Uptrader provides proven decision-making frameworks that help managers make smarter choices on the job. It helps professionals resolve a complex decision situation by breaking it into separate elements, helping them think systematically about each one, and then reassembling it into the smart choice. Uptrader even guards users against their own psychological traps, so that important business decisions can be corroborated to stakeholders as being free of bias. Uptrader is the only software suite offering the structured, proven approach for making decisions, based on the Smart Choices and Even Swaps methodologies found in the bestselling book, Smart Choices.