Imperial, California - Intensifying its focus on digital capabilities, Consumer Reports today announced a strategic realignment of its technology and marketing operations in order to accelerate growth, expand reach, and effect positive change in the marketplace.

“Today, we are consolidating and reorganizing areas where collaboration means better results, promoting internal talent, and building leadership expertise in areas where we need deeper knowledge,” said President & CEO Marta Tellado.

Tellado announced that all technology operations have been consolidated under VP-Digital Jason Fox, and that Pete DiRenzo will join CR on Oct. 1 as Chief Technology Officer. DiRenzo is presently Director of Digital Operations & Technology at Re/code.

“We are very fortunate,” Tellado said, “to have recruited a creative, award-winning, and innovative leader with over 20 years of experience developing technology solutions for consumer-facing products at places such as eBay, Time Inc., Wenner Media, and Conde Nast. Attracting a leader like Pete from a highly-influential tech media start-up such as Re/code underscores CR’s commitment to bolstering its ranks with top-tier talent from innovative brands as well as our push to accelerate digital mastery as an organization.” 

Tellado added that CR is also supplementing technology innovation by promoting Andrew Danyluk to the position of Chief Enterprise Systems Officer. Danyluk, who has extensive operational and leadership experience at CR, will oversee the project management office and enterprise systems and services, reporting to Fox.

“Andrew’s command of our internal systems and management skills will help align our IT infrastructure with organizational priorities. Andrew and Pete represent a powerful partnership,” Tellado said.

Tellado also announced that CR will appoint a Chief Marketing Officer and align several departments under the new CMO “as we shift from a product-centric approach to one that is more consumer-centric. This effort will require centralized leadership to unite all marketing activities and customer touch points and develop a cohesive strategy for results and growth.”

“I believe these changes further position us to serve and reach consumers in new and dynamic ways, making us even more effective agents of marketplace change,“ Tellado said. “As a flatter organization with deeper expertise in all key areas and more holistic ways of working, we’ll be more successful than ever in serving our customers and helping to shape a marketplace that is safer and fairer for all consumers.”