Washington, DC - I grew up in a small, rural community in Missouri. As a young girl, I was encouraged to ask questions, seek more information, and probe for answers. I was taught to always tell the truth, even if it meant not being the most popular person in the room.

And all of those values have continued to stay with me.

Like you, I care deeply about WHERE my food comes from. I care about WHO helps to grow it, harvest it, and slaughter and package it. I care about HOW farm animals and natural resources are treated. I care about WHY farmers, grocers, market organizers, chefs, and food service employees work tirelessly to bring it to the table.

If you care about reading, watching, and learning more about these shared values, these hardworking people, and these fair or unfair practices, then I encourage you to JOIN FOOD TANK TODAY.

When we launched Food Tank in 2013, we sought to highlight agricultural success stories while bringing new attention and renewed funding to their causes. But we also tried to shed a spotlight on what’s not working in our food system and who is hurting as a result.

Around the world, farmers, scientists, researchers, NGOs, and others are creating innovative, on-the-ground solutions to various, interconnected global agriculture problems. Their work has the great potential to be scaled up significantly, broadened, and deepened—and Food Tank is uniquely poised to marshal this change by sharing their stories and helping their ideas spread. By the same token, there are some in our food system who are greatly contributing to its demise through criminal activities, oppressive business practices, and human rights infringements.

Food Tank partners with many organizations to produce investigative videos, infographics, personal stories, and interviews to help highlight both the many successes and many challenges facing farmers and eaters today, and I want to share more of these investigative stories and reports in coming months.

I want to hear from you about what’s working and what’s NOT working in your communities, your grocery stores, your local restaurants, and your schools. I want to hear your suggestions and recommendations on how we can work together to make it better.

We greatly need your support to continue our investigative research and to dive into the much needed work on these topics. With your help, we can keep highlighting the many successes and ongoing challenges of our food system, while inspiring new THINKING and new DOING.