Sacramento, California - Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia introduced House Resolution 11 (HR 11) which received overwhelming support by the California State Assembly Thursday morning.

HR 11 recognizes March 31 as the anniversary of the birth of César Chávez, and calls upon all Californians to recognize the hard work and to learn from César Chávez’s life and mission of nonviolence, social justice, and selfless service to others.

“Cesar Chavez personally touched so many of the lives and residents of the Coachella and Imperial Valley.  He left behind a vigorous and lasting legacy in the Coachella Valley, most encompassed in the state’s first Cesar Chavez Elementary School opening up in 1992 in my hometown of Coachella,” stated Assemblymember Garcia.

“We need to think beyond ourselves and our own aspirations and to think of our communities and our constituent’s needs.  To be true representatives, we need to be selfless and engaged with our California communities.  We need to listen more than mandate, to abstain more than indulge, and to sacrifice more than serve ourselves.  It is a responsibility that we owe to the constituents that voted us in and it is a responsibility that we owe to our Californian heroes like Cesar Chavez,” said Garcia.