Washington, DC - At year-end, efforts are being made to disrupt the transition process of President-elect Donald Trump by rowdy crowds of disgruntled protestors.  In response, Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens published the following opinion article today:

The political left suffers from ‘sore loser syndrome’ in the wake of the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States.

It’s not uncommon for depression to set in when the candidate of your choice loses an election, but the pathetic parade of despair on display among many of those who were sure that Hillary Clinton was destined to become president has reached new heights.  The fact is, the anti-Trumpers are having temper tantrums.

Rather than expressing their dissent in a manner that shows them to be members of the peaceful, loyal opposition, on more and more occasions the anti-Trump protestors seem bent on disrupting America’s political.  In particular, a number of radical socialists and progressives have been engaging in activities such as inciting violent demonstrations, voter intimidation in targeting Electoral College delegates, and facilitating voter fraud, which are clearly criminal and may indeed border on treason inasmuch as they are designed to disrupt our Constitutional processes.  It has even been suggested that some of them are financially backed by sinister outside sources.

However, whether they are doing what they do wittingly or unwillingly is irrelevant because the future of our democracy is at stake.

When the much-maligned Richard Nixon lost the Presidential Election to John F. Kennedy by a narrow margin, he was urged to demand a recount of the vote.  But he said: "Our country cannot afford the agony of a constitutional crisis and I damn well will not be a party to creating one just to become president or anything else."

The situation has grown so threatening that individuals who might, otherwise, be inclined to join the chorus of opposition to Mr. Trump’s election, are slowly but surely urging acceptance.

As Juliet Pesner, a contributor to the Harvard Political Review, put it in a recent article entitled, The Folly of Anti-Trump Protests: “protests that reject the presidency itself and feature the burning of American flags raise the question—at what point are we threatening the very institutions upon which our democracy stands.”

When President-elect Trump takes office on January 20th, instead of a parade to celebrate the occasion a massive, potentially unruly protest is likely to greet the new President.  In her Harvard Political review article, Ms. Pesner suggests that “tens of thousands” of protestors have already accepted online invitations to be there.

It will be a gathering of those afflicted with SLS, sore loser syndrome, and we can only hope that the leaders of the Democratic Party, including Hillary Clinton and President Obama, will intervene.  It’s the only known treatment that might work on those suffering from the disease.