Imperial, California - National columnist Glenn Mollette authors his eleventh book. His recent endeavor is titled, "Grandpa's Store, A Reflection of My Childhood,"  Published by Johnny House Press, an imprint of Liberty Torch Press in Newburgh, Indiana.

Mollette recounts the era between 1958 through 1971 which were his child and young teen years. It was also the era when President Lyndon Johnson came to Martin county. The book is filled with inspiration, humor and a little nonsense. All ages will enjoy Grandpa's Store as the book will take readers back to a simpler time in American life. Mollette recounts the years that he spent at his Grandpa and Mama Hinkle's country grocery store on rural Milo road in East, Kentucky. It was the scene of hard work, family gatherings and community social life.

Grandpa's Store is a fun and adventure filled read told from the perspective of a child and young teen. The book is filled with remembrances from the young life of Glenn Mollette. Events are remembered from the time he was about three years old up until his sixteenth birthday. The book is filled with humor, gripping life stories, inspiration and a little nonsense. This is a great read for any age level but will be very much enjoyed by young adults.

Grandpa's Store may be purchased at or ask your local bookstore to order for you.