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Washington, DC - 2015 will be over almost quicker than you can say Happy New Year! Just look how fast 2014 sped by us all. Time rarely feels as if it's standing still unless we are waiting on something to happen. Time only drags when we need something to happen like a cure for a disease, a job to open or a relative to come home from the Middle East. When time drags we make the mistake of wishing it away.

Washington, DC - What’s worse than losing all the photos and important files on your computer? Knowing you could have prevented it.

Seattle, Washington - Amazon’s 20th holiday season brought record growth to the company’s fast, free shipping program Amazon Prime – more than 10 million new members worldwide tried Prime for the first time.Amazon customers also benefited from low prices this season, including more than 25,000 Lightning Deals.

Imperial, California - Can birds warn of impending disaster?  According to a new report, a breeding flock of golden-winged warblers in eastern Tennessee made an extraordinary run for it a day before 84 tornados touched down, ravaging the site.

Cambridge, Massachusetts - A massive computer simulation has produced a model of the universe’s evolution with new accuracy in some important measures - and yielded a new prediction concerning the distribution of matter in the cosmos.