Stanford, California - The European Union led the world in wheat production and exports in 2014-15. Yet Europe is also the region where productivity has slowed the most. Yields of major crops have not increased as much as would be expected over the past 20 years, based on past productivity increases and innovations in agriculture.

Berkeley, California - A 12-year Liberian girl was recently detained and allowed to die on the way to the hospital after being raped. According to Liberian newspapers, she was turned away from two health centers (including one with a gender-violence ward) because she was bleeding profusely and staff feared she had Ebola.

Cambridge, Massachusetts - Scientists have known how to draw thin fibers from bulk materials for decades. But a new approach to that old method, developed by researchers at MIT, could lead to a whole new way of making high-quality fiber-based electronic devices.

Cambridge, Massachusetts - Entrepreneurship can sometimes take people down unexpected paths. Just ask the two co-founders of MIT Media Lab spinout Sifteo: Their success in rapidly commercializing their popular “smart” gaming blocks recently led to an acquisition by 3D Robotics (3DR) to help build the company’s newest consumer drones.

Cambridge, Massachusetts - Computer chips’ clocks have stopped getting faster. To keep delivering performance improvements, chipmakers are instead giving chips more processing units, or cores, which can execute computations in parallel.

Washington, DC - Despite strong opposition from their constituents, state legislatures across the country have continued to advance dangerous and out-of-touch measures to ban abortion and interfere in the doctor, patient relationship. Just this week, significant attention was paid to South Dakota, after State Representative Isaac Latterell, an outspoken opponent of safe and legal abortion, claimed Planned Parenthood is “worse than ISIS," in his efforts to promote an extreme abortion restriction.