Calexico, California - The City of Calexico has placed Michael J. Bostic on administrative leave until December 5, 2015, when his services will formally cease.

Mr. Bostic was retained by the City in October of 2014 for service as a Public Safety Expert. Despite this limited designation, and perhaps due to the City’s needs, he informally undertook the title of Chief of Police. Unfortunately, though it was no fault of Mr. Bostic’s, his work as Chief of Police was never vetted through the open recruitment process nor approved by the City Council.

In the interest of transparency and in conformity with best practices, the City decided to end Mr. Bostic’s services and move forward with the formal recruitment of a true, permanent Chief of Police. That recruitment will be open to all applicants, including Mr. Bostic. The City would like to thank Mr. Bostic for his service and wishes him the best of luck in his future endeavors.