El Centro, California - Deputy D.A. sick-out….All the Deputy District Attorney’s called in sick this morning.

The Chairman of the County Board of Supervisors Ryan Kelley said all 15 of the prosecuting attorneys for the county did not show up for work Tuesday morning. Two Deputy District Attorney’s are on vacation. Kelley said only the District Attorney Gilbert Otero and the Assistant District Attorney Debra Owen were in the office.

Otero has not been available for comment. The Chairman of the Board of Supervisors said the action was of great concern. He said it jeopardized the safety of Imperial County and all of its residents. Kelley said after hearing of what appears to be a surprise strike, an emergency plan was developed and implemented Tuesday morning. Attorney’s from the County Counsel’s Office, Child Protective services and other attorney’s working for the county were called in to cover for the attorneys who did not show up for work. Kelley said if the workers did not report to their jobs by 8:00 am Wednesday any and all appropriate action will be taken. The County and the District Attorney’s Association have been in contract negotiations for over 8 months.

courtesy: KXO Radio