Imperial, California - IID is reminding construction and agriculture workers to take caution when working near power lines to avoid accidents, injuries and service interruptions.

“Every year, workers across the nation are killed or disabled when they accidentally come in contact with power lines,” said IID spokesperson Marion Champion. “It’s easy to overlook safety when the hectic nature of the holiday season is upon us. We are reminding workers to take a safety-first approach so that everyone is able to go home and enjoy the holidays with their families and loved ones.”


Under California Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations, storage of hay or irrigation pipe under high voltage lines is prohibited if, at any time during handling, minimum clearances are not achievable (distance varies by the voltage carried by the line).  If the line voltage is unknown, workers must keep a minimum distance of 20 feet away from lines.

“Aside from safety concerns, this also jeopardizes the reliability of the electrical grid,” said Champion. “For example, a hay fire under a high voltage transmission line could create a widespread outage affecting thousands of customers.”

For more information on voltages or the storage of hay or irrigation pipe, please consult Cal/OSHA or contact IID’s Safety Section at 1-760-339-9376 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Digging without knowing the approximate location of underground utilities can result in damage to lines and infrastructure, which can lead to service disruptions, injuries and costly repairs. Workers  are reminded to call the Underground Service Alert number, toll-free, at 8-1-1 or 1-800-422-4133, at least two working days before beginning a project. Experts will locate electric, gas, telephone, water and sewer lines prior to the start of your project.

For more information on how 8-1-1 works, please visit