El Centro, California - Tomorrow as many of us are settled at our desks, contemplating the weekend ahead of us – two of our very own locals will be hundreds of guests gathered to recognize our Chapter’s honorees for this year’s REAL HEROES celebration.

It is not too often that you hear of Police Officers entering a burning building – but because of this, a man is alive today.  This dramatic rescue was captured via the officer’s body cameras – the intensity of the pitch dark rescue is made clear by the recorded drama captured as they enter the unfamiliar home, directed only by the weak cries for help from the elderly gentleman they saved.  Throughout the recording you can hear the dispatchers in the background assuring them that help is on its way – meanwhile, they continue, determined to safely evacuate this gentleman from his burning home.

It is these heroic actions that will be recognized tomorrow morning in the Law Enforcement category.  Ask the REAL HEROES under this category, and each one will quickly say that they are not heroes but were simply serving their duties to serve and protect.

Dramatic Body Cam Video of El Centro Police Officers Saving Man:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ueRvth_iy7Y