Washington, DC - Navy's latest commercial "The Shield" debuted December 13th to TV and web audiences worldwide.

The thirty second commercial aired during CBS' coverage of the 115th Army-Navy game and was added to the America's Navy You Tube page ( http://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=ThImmlN-I8s ) shortly after the game concluded.

Much of the discussion on social media focused on the ad's tag-line "to get to you, they'd have to get past us," as well as the commercials abridged ending. Gone is the familiar motto "A Global Force for Good."

The change represents a decision by Navy leadership to move away from a motto that simply goes after potential recruits, in favor of advertising that speaks to both would-be and currently serving Sailors.

Navy began editing past commercials to remove the old motto earlier this year. All Navy commercials now end with the recognizable voice of Keith David simply saying "America's Navy."

"The Shield," features a young couple and child flanked on all sides by Sailors wearing varying uniforms, emblematic of the Navy's numerous jobs and opportunities to serve.

The next Navy ad is expected in early 2015 and will highlight the service's ability to operate around the world--on, above and below the sea.

For information on a career in the United States Navy or to view other popular ads, visit Navy.com.