Sacramento, California - Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia (D-Coachella) supported the passage of the 2016-2017 state budget agreement between the State Legislature and Governor Edmund G. Brown. The budget agreement strikes a balance between investment in our schools and communities while at the same time building the rainy day reserves. The total reserves will be $8.5 billion including: $6.7 Billion in Rainy Day Fund, $2 billion extra deposit and $1.8 billion in the regular reserve.

“Today’s agreement reflects the priorities of our district and brings the needed investments to the Coachella and Imperial Valley. We succeeded in getting $9.5 million for grants to local education agencies to improve access and quality of drinking water in public schools.” stated Assemblymember Garcia.  “I also strongly supported the $200 million for workforce and career and technical training”

“I am pleased through the budget process there is progress on the New River Project. Currently, the engineering and design is being completed, and money for construction will be sought from Prop 1, the water bond, technical assistance and disadvantaged community funds. I look forward to continuing to work on the New River and making sure we improve the health and safety of its surrounding communities."

Below are some of the 2016-2017 budget highlights that were agreed to by the State Legislature and Governor Brown:

  • Highlights of Improvements to the May Revision Proposal:
    • Child Care / Preschool Increase.  Increases Child Care and Pre School funding by over $530 million.  This includes rate increases that total $430 million, and full day Pre School slots that total $100 million. The rates will continue to grow with the minimum wage increases in 2021.Primary Care Residency Program Funding.  Provides $100 million for three years of funding for the Primary Care Residency Program contingent upon the anticipated extension of the Quality Assurance.Affordable Housing.  $400 million set-aside for Affordable Housing.Higher Education Funding.


      • Increases California State University funding by $25 million in one-time funding (over the Governor’s proposed $25 million), and $12.5 million in ongoing funding to increase enrollment and reduce time to graduation.
      • Increases University California funding by $20 million in one-time funding and $18.5 million in ongoing funding, contingent upon the UC Regents enacting a new policy to reduce the percentage of out of state students over time and by enrolling an additional 2,500 California students for the 2017-18 year.
      • Includes $22 million to University California for one year of Innovation and Entrepreneurship funding.
      • Includes $200 million in one-time Prop 98 funds for College Readiness programs at K-12 schools.
      • Includes $200 million for workforce and career technical training in the community colleges.


    • One-Time Funding.  Provides significant one-time investments for various subject areas, local public safety programs, Public Health programs, Supplemental Security Income Outreach, Aging programs, and others
  • Key May Revision Proposals Reflected in Pending Agreement.
    • Historic Minimum Wage increase.
    • Restoration of 7% In Home Supportive Services Hours.
    • DDS rate increases approved by the Legislature earlier this year.
    • Modest grant adjustments for Supplemental Security Income/State Supplementary Payment and CalWORKS.
    • Proposition 63 securitization for housing programs for people with mental illness.

The budget proposal next goes to the Governor.