San Diego, California - VAPS will be a satellite of the Public Safety Communications Research Broadband Stakeholder meeting on June 7-9.  You're welcome to register for one or both events.

The goal of the VAPS workshop will be to create an environment where technical stakeholders of all types can exchange knowledge, practices, needs, challenges, issues, and ideas to jointly identify the critical R&D, resources, standards, and collaboration vehicles and infrastructure to support the creation of a robust public safety video analytics R&D ecosystem. The VAPS workshop is intended to inform national strategy for video analytics R&D and to lay the foundation for the formation of a multidisciplinary VAPS Community of Interest to support robust collaborative engagement on the emerging priorities. A summary report will be published after the workshop.

The VAPS Workshop and future VAPS activities will help to focus and link research, collaboration, and standards activities across stakeholders to support the development of a robust and interoperable public safety video analytics ecosystem that meets the nation's growing needs.

If you have technical questions about the workshop, please contact the workshop organizers at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please note the critical dates.  We are forming pre-workshop panels NOW that will be meeting in May.  Because of the very short workshop format, we won't have time for realtime panels at the workshop.  Rather, these panels will develop joint perspectives to be presented in summary by the panel chairs at the workshop.  Panel members will be able to post materials on the workshop Sharepoint site as well as present their individual research and perspectives in the poster/demo session.  The panels include: 

    • Public safety and transportation safety video use and analysis
    • Industry video analytics R&D and related technologies and standards
    • Academic research in areas relevant to public safety video technologies
    • Human factors, HCI, and visualization research 
    • Legal, policy, and social considerations


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