Washington, DC - Advancing better nutrition is one of my top priorities and implementing the update to the iconic Nutrition Facts label — the first overhaul in 20 years — is a key part of that commitment.

Washington, DC - Today’s jobs report continues America’s economic winning streak under President Donald J. Trump, evidenced by strong job creation, rising wages, rapid business growth, and soaring confidence.

Washington, DC - The United States economy continues to enjoy its longest, consecutive streak of positive monthly job numbers. The pace of job growth in 2018 averages 207,000 jobs per month—exceeding average monthly gains in 2016 (195,000) and 2017 (182,000). Since President Donald J. Trump took office, 3.6 million jobs have been created and there have been more than 4 million new jobs since the election in November 2016.

Washington, DC - The Energy Department today announced nearly $4.45 million for four projects supporting early-stage research and development of tools and technologies for enhanced geothermal systems (EGS) - which are manmade geothermal reservoirs. The projects seek to improve the performance and increase the cost-effectiveness of EGS through research in zonal isolation.

Washington, DC - Today at the Vice President’s Residence, Second Lady Karen Pence, joined by the Congressional Club and the Comfort Crew for Military Kids, assembled 500 care packages for military children. Each kit contains an animated DVD to let kids know they aren’t alone; a guided journal with prompts that provides a safe place to get negative emotions out and on paper; a teddy bear that offers comfort and companionship; a guidebook that contains information for the whole family; and items to help keep the family connected during the separation.

Escondido, California - At the San Diego Zoo Safari Park this morning, three female red-necked wallaby joeys were on the move—excitedly zipping around their new home at the Safari Park’s newest exhibit, Walkabout Australia. The almost 11-month-old trio: Laura, Thelma and Tatum, have finally settled into their grassy habitat at Walkabout Australia after weeks of commuting back and forth from their previous home at the Ione and Paul Harter Animal Care Center, as staff slowly introduced them to the habitat and the animals that already reside there. Animal care staff said the young wallabies, which were hand raised, are now doing well in their new home. They are fitting in well with the adult kangaroos and wallabies that share their habitat, and the joeys are displaying natural behaviors and individual personalities.