Sacramento, California - How consumer purchasing trends are influencing food marketing and agricultural production practices will be discussed at the upcoming California State Board of Food and Agriculture meeting on Tuesday, November 3, 2015. The meeting will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the California Department of Food and Agriculture, 1220 ‘N’ Street – Main Auditorium, Sacramento, CA 95814.

“We continue to see an evolution on what consumers expect from farmers and food manufacturers – from issues related to sustainability to that of climate change,” said CDFA Secretary Karen Ross. “As the nation’s largest food producer, California has the most to benefit in responding to the changing expectations and preferences of consumers as it relates to food production.”

The meeting will include discussions on consumer food trends as well as initiatives being undertaken by businesses and farmers in relation to sustainability and environmental stewardship. The meeting will also include an overview of the California Sustainable Freight Action Plan as it relates to improving the state’s freight system to become more efficient and environmentally sustainable.

Invited speakers include: Daniel Sonke, The Sustainability Consortium; Kerry Tucker, Nuffer, Smith, Tucker Public Relations (NST); Jeff Dlott, SureHarvest; Carl Keen, UC Davis Department of Nutrition; Josette Lewis, World Food Center at UC Davis; Daniel Mountjoy, Sustainable Conservation; Charlotte Biltekoff, UC Davis Department of Food Science and Technology; and  Heather Arias, California Air Resources Board.

“Understanding the consumer connection to the farm is critical not only for marketing and sales, but also for policy issues related to drought and groundwater management,” said Craig McNamara, president of the California State Board of Food and Agriculture. “Communication and transparency are an important part of proactively responding to developing consumer trends.”

The California State Board of Food and Agriculture advises the governor and the CDFA secretary on agricultural issues and consumer needs. The state board conducts forums that bring together local, state and federal government officials, agricultural representatives and citizens to discuss current issues of concern to California agriculture.

This meeting will be streamed online at: