Sacramento, California - California leads the nation with its ambitious programs to combat climate change, from ramping up renewable energy to driving the development of cleaner cars to its cap-and-trade program. Now, an interactive online map is available to track where funds from these ground-breaking programs are being invested.

The new website – ClimateInvestmentMap.CA.Gov – brings together information on a dozen different climate and energy programs into a single searchable application, allowing users to view the locations of individual projects and providing a summary of climate and energy investments for each of the state’s 120 legislative districts.

“This data will help local and state leaders as well as all Californians see where the state’s climate investments are located,” said California Energy Commission Chair Robert B. Weisenmiller. “The data will help us evaluate the effectiveness of our efforts as these investments are critical to meet California's greenhouse gas reduction targets.”

Currently, the site is tracking nearly $6 billion in climate-related investments, including programs in agriculture, energy, transportation, natural resources, sustainable communities and waste reduction. The site will continue to add data on additional programs.