Sacramento, California - The California National Archery in the Schools Program (CalNASP), hosted by the Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), has concluded its fifth annual Virtual State Archery Tournament. Young archers from around the state wrapped up the season with some impressive scores.

“We would like to congratulate all of the students who participated in this year’s Virtual State Archery Tournament, particularly the top boy and girl shooter,” said Lesa Johnston, CalNASP Coordinator. “This year’s results were proof of how hard these young people have worked throughout the school year.”

Wyatt Vaineharrison, a ninth grader at Gracious Trail Academy in San Diego County, came in as the top male shooter and top overall shooter in the state competition. He earned a score of 296 points out of a possible 300, which is the highest score of any student in the history of the state tournament. Wyatt received an honorable mention in last year’s tournament. He is also a dedicated Eagle Scout and loves wildlife and spending time outdoors.

Melissa Osorio, a tenth grader from Kearny High School in San Diego County, is the top female shooter. She earned a score of 286 out of a possible 300 and ranked second as overall shooter in the tournament. Melissa competed last year, but has pushed her scores up by 30 points, taking the number one spot over all the other girls in the tournament. When Melissa is not practicing archery, she enjoys spending time with her friends, playing tennis or taking in a movie.

Both shooters will receive a new Genesis Special Edition compound bow donated by the manufacturer.

The Virtual State Archery Tournament is designed to give students the opportunity to challenge their mastery of the sport in a supportive environment in which they can compete with other students statewide without traveling. Students compete at their own school, either in a gymnasium or an outdoor range, and their scores are posted in a national database that ranks not only the state scores, but national scores as well.

Honorable mentions to other students throughout the state go out to Skyler Rosenberg, who won third place overall state shooter and rank one in the Boys’ Middle School Division, Manly Arvizo , who tied at third place for overall state shooter and rank two in the Boys’ High School Division, Aislynn Haywood, second overall girl shooter and rank two in the Girls’ High School Division, and Elissa Spaeth, third place overall girl shooter and rank three in the Girls’ High School Division. Both boys attend Bullis Charter School in San Diego County, while the girls attend Sultana High School in Hesperia.

Archery is a sport that can be enjoyed by students of all abilities and sizes – it can be enjoyed outdoors and encourages students to lead a more active lifestyle. For more information about the CalNASP, please visit