Sacramento, California - Tuesday’s favorable vote in the Senate Committee on Agriculture advances Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia’s (D-Coachella) AB 2106, Sale of California Produce, past its first hurdle in the Senate.  Garcia introduced this legislation at the behest of farmers within in his district who felt that the 5% bid preference under last year’s AB 822 (Caballero/E. Garcia) would not offer enough support from out-of-state competition.

“This measure further prioritizes the sale of California-grown products by increasing the bid percentage price from 5% to 10%,” stated Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia.

“I introduced this legislation following a series of conversations with farmers and ranchers across my district who are concerned with the disadvantage out-of-state competition have placed on their sales. I am continuously committed to working with our local farmers as well as statewide agricultural groups to safeguard the stability of this vital $47 billion industry.” 

If brought into effect this bill would increase the maximum percentage a bid or price of the California-grown agricultural product can exceed the lowest bid or price for an agricultural product produced outside of the state, and increase the maximum percentage a bid or price of the agricultural product grown outside the state and packed or processed in state can exceed the lowest bid or price for the agricultural product packed and processed outside the state, from 5% to 10% in the year 2021.

“California is a leader in its adoption of policies to benefit our workforce and our environment. These policies, however, do not come without costs. Farm Bureau believes that purchasing California-grown agricultural products should follow the same pattern,” expressed Jim Houston, the California Farm Bureau Federation’s Governmental Affairs Manager in a letter of support.

“The State recognized the investment farmers and ranchers make with the passage of AB 822 last year and should continue to support California farmers and their employees by prioritizing the purchase of California-grown products.”

AB 2106 will next go before the Senate Committee on Government Organization.