Marshfield, Wisconsin - Bernie was on his way home from the fair near Marshfield, WI recently and felt a bit peckish. So, he stopped off at a McDonald’s for a burger on his way home. After all, you can work up quite an appetite shopping for livestock, says the Association of Mature American Citizens, especially if you have to pack the three calves you just purchased in the backseat of your sedan. 

Another patron in the drive-through line, Jessica Nelson, spotted what she thought was a decal of a cow’s face staring at her from the rear window of Bernie’s car and quickly realized that it was the real thing when she saw it “moo-ving.” She quickly reached for her cell phone and captured a video of the not-so-little critter. She found out later that two of the calves were lying down while the third calf was pressing its face against the window doing a little sightseeing.