Washington, DC - "My Administration is dedicated to securing human rights in Cuba and Venezuela, and strengthening our cultural and philosophical ties with all our Latin American partners." ~ President Donald J. Trump

PARTNERING TO PROMOTE REGIONAL PROSPERITY: President Donald J. Trump is using the G20 Summit to work with partners to promote economic prosperity for the Americas. 

  • The Administration is working through the “Americas Crece” initiative to expand exports, enhance energy and infrastructure security, and increase investment throughout the region.
  • President Trump continues to work to secure free and fair trade with America’s allies and improve access to regional markets in Latin America.
    • Recently, it was announced that the Argentine market has been reopened to American beef. This followed a deal announced last year to open Argentina to American pork.
  • This week on the sidelines of the G20, the United States signed a framework to strengthen infrastructure and energy cooperation with Argentina for years to come.
  • The Overseas Private Investment Corporation also signed letters of interest for six projects in Argentina that are expected to attract more than $3 billion in investment.
    • These projects are in key areas, including energy production, transportation infrastructure, and pipeline construction.
  • Expanding commercial relations with our neighbors is a key part of the Administration’s effort to push back against unfair trade and investment practices and to protect the economic security of the region.
    • Increased United States investment in Argentina and the region will improve our partners’ resiliency against predatory lending.

DEFENDING DEMOCRATIC VALUES: President Trump is standing up to authoritarian regimes across the region.

  • President Trump is challenging autocratic regimes in the region that refuse to respect their people’s call for democracy.
  • In Venezuela, the Trump Administration has imposed sanctions against the corrupt Maduro regime and its enablers.
  • The Trump Administration has imposed sanctions on Cuban military and intelligence services for their continued actions to undermine democracy.
  • This week, the President signed an Executive Order imposing sanctions on Nicaraguan officials for their dismantling of democratic institutions and human rights abuses.
    • This Order will enable the Administration to target members and associates of the regime for its indiscriminate human rights abuses and rampant corruption.

ENHANCING REGIONAL SECURITY: The Trump Administration is working with allies to enhance regional security. 

  • President Trump is working closely with allies in the region to combat transnational criminal networks and terrorist organizations.
    • The Trump Administration has partnered with Argentina to push for greater law enforcement cooperation to help combat organized crime and terrorism.
  • Together, the United States and its partners are working to decrease the illicit flows of drugs, cash, and weapons and to combat human smuggling.