Imperial, California - As of Friday evening, Imperial Irrigation District has fully restored electrical service to major transmission corridors located between Calipatria and Niland after a powerful storm hit Imperial County on August 31.

Restoration of these lines will facilitate returning to service the remaining geothermal plants impacted by the outage.

The storm toppled 118 power poles, including 107 on several transmission lines.

The work was completed by multiple line crews without incurring any injuries while performing dangerous work under extreme weather conditions.

“We really appreciate the hard work of all crews who worked tirelessly through this restoration effort, as there was extensive damage caused by the storm,” said IID Energy Manager Marilyn Del Bosque Gilbert.

The mutual aid crews departed yesterday, returning to their respective states and home utilities.

IID also wants to thank its customers for their patience and understanding as these infrastructure repairs required a great deal of coordination and effort.