Imperial, California - Life is returning to normal in a somewhat comic way as the COVID lockdown eases in some parts of the country, reports the Association of Mature American Citizens. 

Take South Carolina, for example.  The state is allowing restaurants to open as long as they adhere to safe-distancing guidelines. Customers at eateries must be seated at least six feet apart, notwithstanding the fact that it can make the restaurant look kind of empty. So the owners of the Open Hearth restaurant in Greenville, S.C., Paula Starr Melehes and her husband, came up with a “fun” way to stick to the rules. "Instead of using scary, yellow tape or roping off the empty tables,” they have employed blow up dolls to fill the gaps. They’ve dressed them up and seated them at what you might call safe-distancing tables so the paying customers don’t feel so isolated.